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Yeti Valhalla tour Schedule:
10月22日 – R3 Club Lounge(六本木)
10月24日 – Cyclone (渋谷)
10月25日 – UFO Club(東高円寺)
10月26日 – Ruby Room (渋谷)
10月27日 – 溝ノ口劇場(溝ノ口)
10月28日 – DOM (高円寺)
10月31日 – Cyclone(渋谷)
11月 1日 – Rock Bar Painkiller(国分寺)
11月 4日 – Circus <KingPhin Fest> (名古屋)


The lyrical content of each song on this record reflects the sociological tendencies of mankind to destroy itself as it denies the existence of the pseudo justification, the acts of violence, hate, bigotry and greed brought upon by those who confuse the greater good... for the greatest of evil.

What We Did This Year

This year, Yeti Valhalla has performed as the headline act at the annual Burapa Bike Week in Pattaya Thailand, the biggest Biker Rally in Asia. They opened up for LA Guns at The Whisky Agogo in the heart of Los Angeles, and they have done 2 tours of Japan this year.  This Summer the band heads back to Tokyo to complete their newest studio album with the addition of KanaKo on drums and Kohey Togo on 7 string guitar.  

Band Members

Drums: KanaKo 
Bass: Andy Hewett 
Vocals / Guitar: Adam Jang
Guitar : Kohey Togo

Music Videos

Yeti Valhalla’s Music Videos for this album have been a collaboration between Chris King Photography and Adam Jang.

"Women and children Bombed from above Raised by rape and murder Instead of love Live action news Glorifies Soliders Killing civilians Just taking orders... Your faith is the reason you Believe anything Your God is the reason why We go to war Your mind starts to question As lies come unglued No faith in a god that has no Faith in you"