Urban Legend #1: Fact or Fiction? By Bobby Joe Magers Jr.

I am always one for a funny story, whether it seems fake or not. If it makes me laugh, I love it.

For example, in my neighborhood where I grew up – a place called Murphy Canyon Navy Housing, San Diego, California – there was this story the endured my entire childhood; it went something like this:

A family of four goes on a two-week vacation. Upon returning they realize their entire house had been robbed. This part is believable, because in the military, we always knew when a military neighbor would be taking “leave,” and how long they would be gone.

As the family frantically searched the entire two-story house, they became aware the robbers took everything except two things: their toothbrushes, and a cheap camera. The family was distraught, upset and just devastated. But, as a military family they did what anybody else would do in that situation: they called the police, and then reported their situation to fellow Navy friends and families, and people started to donate things to get them back on their feet.

Once the anxiety, and feeling of being violated subsided, the family returned to somewhat a normal routine: get up in the morning, brush their teeth, eat breakfast, then go to work or school: normal shit.

One weekend the family decides to go to the beach, and they grab the cheap camera to take pictures. After a day in the sun and water, they returned home. The father says, “I will drop the camera off tomorrow and get the pictures developed.” Meanwhile, the family, getting back to normal, and over the trauma of everything being stolen from them, go about their daily routine.

About a week later the pictures are developed and the father picks them up to bring home. He gets in the house and throws the envelope of pictures on the counter and goes upstairs to change out of the uniform. While up there, he hears a loud scream.

The father runs downstairs and sees his daughter crying, and the pictures strewn across the cupboard: “What happened?” he asked, she replied, “LOOK!” and points at the pictures.

The father picks up the pictures and starts looking through the: picture of the family at the beach, the ocean, etc. He gets to the last four pictures and about falls over:

It was 4 pictures of a masked man shoving the toothbrushes, the same one’s the family had been using since the robbery, bristles first, inside his ass.